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The Oak Stand

The Oak Stand

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The Next Big Thing is Here! Due to overwhelming demand from Germany, now also in Oak!

*NEW UPDATE* all models are now USB-C + Extra USB-C cable for traveling and 2 x USB-C -> USB-A adapters

Every piece is hand-crafted to near perfection, just short of losing its charm. 

Placing the headphones on the stand will automatically begin to charge them as they connect to the small magnetic lightning input that you insert into the AirPods Max(once only).

The Idea is that you stick the tiny magnetic lightning adapter into your Airpods Max and leave it there(it's very small and shouldnt be noticable). Then, you simply place your headphones on the stand and they will always be fully charged. Since Airpods Max don't overcharge you never have to worry about battery life again!

I recommend using the included sticky pads to attach the stand to your desk (you don’t have to, I prefer to) I have also included rubber sticky pads to be used as an alternative(you will have to hold the stand down with your finger when removing the APM as the magnet is fairly strong).

Be aware that the AirPods Max utilize AI smart charging which means that they might not always charge when you dock them(usually if they are already above 90%)

I have spent countless hours designing and redesigning this concept over several months with the hopes that people who buy it can have the best experience with their beautiful AirPods Max. Each of these pieces are uniquely crafted so that you will have a one-of-a-kind Wireless Charging Stand.

Every piece is tested and retested to ensure the highest possible quality standards are achieved.

*charging brick not included!

*Headphone cases/covers are not guaranteed to work! The distance between the charging connector and how the headphones sits is influenced by the type of case. I cannot make it work for every case out there! If you want it to work with your case, you can email me and I can test it with a comparable case. Officially we are not supporting headphone covers but many others and myself use cases(silicone covers) with success.

*CE ROHS FCC Certified and Rated up to 60W(AirPods charge at 3W)

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